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Mental Health in the Workplace: Moving Forward in the Right Direction

The Mid-America Coalition on Health Care believes that “good mental health is good for business!”  That’s why we’re committed to a sustained effort to support Mental Health in the Workplace through a set of communication materials called Right Direction. The materials were developed by the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health and Employers Health and are available at no charge (other than printing costs) through a mini-grant to the Coalition.

  We encourage you to participate in one or more of the following opportunities:

 1.       Complete the Cost of Untreated Mental Illness Calculator – you simply enter age and gender information for your workforce. (If you will send your total to us, we will calculate an aggregate total for all participating employers. Your organization’s information will remain confidential.)

2.       Plan a campaign to communicate with your employees. Send us a one-page summary sharing which Right Direction pieces you plan to use.

3.       Survey your managers and supervisors. We will send you a link to a 10-question survey specific to your company. The results will help you understand perceptions about resources you currently offer or

           supports this group may need to be able to help employees whose work is affected by depression.

 The grant also provides consultation through the end of August at no charge from two of our Coalition experts in workplace mental health and communication — Julie Bartels Smith and Nancy Spangler. We encourage you to take advantage of these two local experts by reaching out to them in providing expertise in pulling together an internal team, presenting the business case for addressing mental health with your executive team, working with your EAP or local mental health supports, and planning ways to evaluate your campaign. We encourage you to act quickly in maximizing this valuable resource by contacting them before August 31st.
Please note their contact information below:

 Nancy Spangler, PhD, MS, BS

Phone: 816.820.1870


 Julie Bartels Smith, ABC

Phone: 816.520.0565


Preview slides from our webinar on July 16th HERE to see examples of the Right Direction materials and how other employers are using them.

Please reply and let us know if we can support you in raising awareness about mental health in your workplace.

Collaborating for Success,

Troy Ross