Our Mission


The Mid-America Coalition on Health Care leverages the expertise, experience, and resources of its multi-disciplinary membership to promote the health and well-being of current and future employees and their families in the greater Kansas City area. Through the power of collaboration and utilizing innovative best practices, MACHC provides leadership and acts as a catalyst to effect positive changes for containing health care costs and improving health outcomes.

The Mid-America Coalition on Health Care (Coalition) was incorporated as a non-profit organization by the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City 1979. It was formed by the CEOs of the region’s largest employers as a vehicle to address the cost of health care. In 1990, Coalition membership was expanded to include hospitals, physicians, health plans, public health, government, and academia; and the current collaborative was in place.

The Coalition is the principal organization in the bi-state region bringing together major employers and all healthcare delivery stakeholders (physicians and medical societies, health plans, hospitals, unions, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, public health, and bi-state governmental units) to address the rising costs of health care and improve the health and well-being current and future employees and their families in the greater Kansas City area. This community-wide membership base and the collaborative model enable the Coalition to draw upon the widest possible range of expertise from the region, and the nation, to carry out its projects.


Our Team


Troy Ross

President & CEO

Troy is a veteran sales and marketing executive with significant track record of building and aligning teams to achieve dramatic bottom-line results. He is experienced at building consensus and inspiring mutually beneficial action among multiple diverse health care stakeholders, including employers, hospitals, health plans, physicians and medical groups, universities, public health, governmental units and pharmaceutical companies.

Troy’s broad, 20+ year career in pharmaceutical sales and marketing spans product launch and life cycle management, enterprise strategy development and execution. He is an outstanding team builder who inspires confidence, leads by example and fosters an atmosphere of accountability and trust. Troy has been recognized for rapidly establishing credibility with key decision-makers and gaining commitment of cross-functional resources. International experience acquired from working abroad in multiple markets.

Prior to joining the Coalition, Troy was chief sales and marketing officer for ApplicationONE. He previously spent two decades in pharmaceutical marketing, serving in sales leadership positions with Novo Nordisk Diabetes, Pfizer and Warner Lambert.


Marsha O’Neal

Project Manager & Office Manager

Marsha has more than 20 years of business management experience in corporate, non-profit organizations, university and government. She has a broad range of experience including President/Owner of a health care recruiting company, financial management of on-campus visits for the Admissions Office at the University of Kansas, account management for American Century Investments, and executive management for American Red Cross and the Kansas City Spirit Festival.